New contact tracing rules from 1 May 2021

Friday, 30 April 2021


From the 1 May 2021 all Tasmanians and visitors will be required to use the CHECK IN TAS app when visiting a range of businesses, organisations and events.

The Thirlstane Golf Club is one of these so everyone who comes to the Thirlstane Golf Course for more than 15 minutes (whether playing in a competition or not) must use either the ‘Check in Tas’ app on a mobile phone or complete the Contact Tracing Register that we have available.

There will be several QR Code Matrixes and Contact Tracing Registers in and around the Club to use.

Covid-19 will be part of our lives for some time to come. It will be a matter of getting used to signing in each time you come to the Club.

The rules are there to protect us all.

Greg Boyd Sec.  TGC