Hole 1

Mens 364m 2
Ladies 348m 3

Hole 10

Mens 364m 3
Ladies 348m 4

Par 4

The 1st and 10th is a Par 4 with a long dog leg to the right which makes it a very difficult starting hole.

This hole requires a long straight drive aiming to the left of the fairway for any chance of making the green in two.

There is a bunker left 50 metres from the green, and a front greenside bunker on the left also.

Middle and Long Handicappers will be happy to walk away with a Bogey 5 here.

1 and 10

Hole 2

Mens 161m 17
Ladies 164m 15

Hole 11

Mens 161m 18
Ladies 164m 16

Par 3

 The 2nd and 11th is a long straight Par 3 measuring 170 metres from the blue tees.  

 Driving from the right hand side of the tee can be very tight, accuracy is the key.  

 A small bunker is located left of the green and going right will leave a slight up hill shot to the green.

2 and 11

Hole 3

Mens 476m 5
Ladies 433m 7

Hole 12

Mens 479m 4
Ladies 433m 5

Par 5

From the 3rd tee the hole is a 491 metre Par 5 with a dog leg left at the end of the longest fairway on the course.

For the best chance of making the green in three a straight shot to the corner to open up the green is required.

From the 12th tee the hole becomes a double dog leg to the left, a straight accurate drive is esential to avoid tree trouble.

As for the 3rd hole a long shot to the corner is required to open the green up.

The green is protected by a large bunker to the right. 

3 and 12

Hole 4

Mens 337m 9
Ladies 315m 9

Hole 13

Mens 331m 11
Ladies 298m 12

Par 4

From the 4th tee the hole is a dogleg to the left with a drive over water.

A straight second shot to a flat green is required.

There are trees lining the fairway to the left and right ready to punish any errant shots.

The 13th is a straight Par 4 with a similar approach to the 4th.

4 and 13

Hole 5

Mens 358m 6
Ladies 343m 1

Hole 14

Mens 358m 7
Ladies 343m 2

Par 4

The 5th and 14th is a long Par 4 measuring 358 metres.

With a small lake located on the left of the fairway, your drive needs to be straight and directed slightly right of the fair way.

A creek runs along the left fairway edge and trees on the right are waiting for wayward shots.

Four here is an excellent result.

5 and 14

Hole 6

Mens 131m 13
Ladies 97m 17

Hole 15

Mens 131m 14
Ladies 97m 18

Par 3

The 6th and 15th is Thirlstane’s signature hole it is the shorter of the two Par 3’s measuring 139 metres.  

Protected by two lakes and two bunkers both left and right of the green, an accurate tee shot is certainly a must.

The not so brave will choose to use an old ball here when teeing off.

6 and 15

Hole 7

Mens 319m 10
Ladies 319m 8

Hole 16

Mens 292m 12
Ladies 288m 10

Par 4

The 7th is a 328 metre dog leg right Par 4 with a generously wide fairway. Big hitters can easily drive over the corner of the dog leg to set up an easy approach shot.

The green is protected by two greenside bunkers on the left and one on the right front. The left bunkers are often in play.

From the 16th tee the hole is a straight Par 4. A straight drive here sets up an easy approach to the green. 

7 and 16

Hole 8

Mens 410m 15
Ladies 381m 13

Hole 17

Mens 410m 16
Ladies 381m 14

Par 5

The 8th and 17th is the second of the two Par 5’s at Thirlstane, measuring 431 metres it’s also the shortest.

There is a generous fairway and big hitters can reach the dog leg left corner easily setting up a chance for eagle.

A small dam on the left at the dog leg surrounded by trees is waiting for any errant shots.

From the corner it is a straight shot to the green protected by a greenside bunker on the right.

8 and 17

Hole 9

Mens 376m 1
Ladies 330m 6

Hole 18

Mens 342m 8
Ladies 282m 11

Par 4

This Par 4 has a dam on the right of the fairway and well left is out of bounds.

The elevated sloping green is protected by a bunker on the right, and is also the most difficult green on the course especially if the flag is located at the front.

From the 9th tee the hole becomes a dog leg to the left and increases by 16 metres in length, this is by far the hardest hole on the course.

9 and 18