Play Golf

Green Fees

Daily Weekly
Adults $25 $60
Adults after 3pm AEST or 4pm AEDT $15
Adults playing with a member $15
Juniors $10 $20
9 holes anytime $15

Green fees players and social golf

Green fees players and visitors are welcome providing they maintain the rules of golf, exercise good golf etiquette and respect everyone else on the course.  All players must 

  • have one set of clubs per player
  • carry a sand bucket
  • repair all divots and pitch marks
  • not litter the course including cigarette butts
  • pay green fees before they hit off
  • give way to ground staff
  • be neatly dressed (tank tops and slogans on clothing that may be offensive will not be tolerated) 
  • wear appropriate footwear

Casual game availability

All day. Course maintenance is carried out throughout the day. Please give way to course maintenance staff.

Ladies competition day. Course usually available for social golf after 2pm. Social golfers must always give way to competition players.

Vets and midweek competition. Course usually available from 3pm.  Social players must not commence playing until competiton is finished and members have left the course.

All day.  Course maintenance is carried out throughout the day. Please give way to course maintenance staff.

All day. An all day, 9-hole Chicken Run competition is conducted every Friday. Social golfers are also welcome throughout the day.

Members Competition day. Course is generally available to social golfers from 3pm off the first tee.

An all day ball competition is conducted each Sunday.  Social golfers are also welcome throughout the day.


Visitors from other clubs who hold a GA handicap (excluding virtual on-line club handicaps) are generally welcome to play in club competitions. For entry in Saturday or Tuesday competitions send a request by email at least a week before the event to  To play in Wednesday competitons, report to the starter's box by 9.30am.  To play in Friday and Sunday competitons, just turrn up, pay half green fees plus the competiton fee and join in.

Become a member

We welcome all new members. Application forms are available here or at the club house.